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Boost your friendship!

Are you having a bad moood :( ?

You want to show the world how happy you are but you don't know how? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Now sharing your Mood with your friends is easier than ever!

Moody is a social app which allows you to observe changing moods within your friends! In the blink of an eye you will notice if your friends are sad. React! Reach out to them with something funny and you will see how your Home-screen environment will change!

Moody weather

Why would I need that? I have a dozen social apps with hundreds of contacts!

Well… that’s the case!
How many “firends” do you have on FB? On linked-in? Those are great apps but will you really inform ALL your 600 “friends” that you “can’t spend one more minute in your job”, you’re “totally crashed after a brake-up” or that you’re just “feeling depressed because of the weather”?

You have your boss in your contacts, your ex-partners, all your coleagues from work and all of those people that you have graduated with but you can’t remember their names!
Moody is designed to small groups. Invite only those people that you care about! And be honest, they are here for you!

Set your Mood
Add your contacts
Observe Moody-weather
React when you see the clouds!


Set your Mood
Describe how you feel
Invite your friends!
Monitor their spirit
React when someone is sad
Ask more Friends to join...
You can change them in your Settings Tab
You are redy to be Moody!


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